At we understand the importance and power of videos to communicate your companies story and products. That’s why, on top of offering the first ever video news website for superyacht technology, we also offer specialist video production services.

What kind of video are you looking to do?

• Company profile, to tell your company’s story and showcase who you are, what you do and what makes you a market leader.

• Technology showcase, that explains its benefits, development, manufacturing process, applications and technical specifications.

To assist you in this process we offer two solutions:

Video narrative

We will create a video narrative with the materials of your choice. You will simply need to send us the video footage you want to use along with a voice over and your logo. If you choose to host with us you will be able to link to your website at the end of the video to convert viewers. This solution is offered at cost price thanks to our in-house editor and the investment we’ve made in a very large database of templates. Please note that we don’t hold commercial rights over your video – it’s yours, you own it and can use it however you’d like.

Starts at only 495€ for a one minute edit.

Film production 

Our video guru, an ex-Satchi and Satchi comes to the location of your choice with his light and sound crew to work in delivering institutional films, technology showcases, event coverage, news pieces and product launches. We work with you from conception and storyboarding through to delivering the finished film. Quotes on request.

For more information on our services or to commission a video, please fill in the form below and click submit:

Q: Do I need to be signed up to in order to commission a video?
A: We include a year’s membership within every quotation in order for you to take full advantage of our exclusive audience and fantastic content.
Q: My company is not based in the UK, will that be a problem?
A: Not at all, we regularly travel to locations around the world when required.
Q: I have never worked with a video production team before, what is the process:
A: We work with using an 8 step process:
1. Initial contact via email.
2. Briefing – via phone or email.
3. Project outline and quotation.
4. Project approval and 20% deposit.
5. Production (Video shoot and or editing).
6. Review.
7. Approval and final payment.
8. Video uploaded to
Q: How long will a typical project take?
A: Every project has its own specific requirements. We only provide a schedule once we fully understand the scope of work.
Q: What happens to my video on completion?
A: Initially your video will be showcased for 4 weeks on
After that time you will be able to download your video to use as you wish.
Q: Is my video removed from the site after the initial 4 weeks?
A: No, your video will remain on the site until you decide for it to be deleted.
Q: When I download the video, what format will it be in?
A: All of the videos we produce will be supplied as HD mp4’s