is the first video news website for the superyacht technology industry. There is a general consensus that video content is the best way to engage with people, and it’s particularily true for technology. But how does that apply to the superyacht industry?

Our founder, Jack Robinson, has been the Director of a superyacht technology company for the last 5 years and was previously Head of Commercial at a leading media company in the industry. Despite having a healthy marketing budget, he often asked himself: “How do I get my products in front of my public?” — and his answer was: collective marketing.

This means that by hosting and sharing videos from a single source, every company in the superyacht technology industry would bring clients to the platform, who would also be exposed to other superyacht technologies they have an interest in. In other words, by all bringing our clients to the same platform, we’ll be able to get visibility from the whole industry.

And this is why we created – to answer the need to both inspire and engage around technology innovation. 

With over 12 years in the industry, Jack Robinson brought together over 5000 industry figures, shipyards, ETOs, ITOs, project managers, technical management and new build captains. Every couple of weeks, we will send out a newsletter covering all the latest and hottest news in the industry so you don’t miss a thing.

To companies providing superyacht technology, we offer dedicated hosting, Video SEO and Video Marketing

• Dedicated hosting on our servers – great server bandwidth, fast video loading, no size limit, HD quality (720p, 1080p), and you can choose the colour of the interface (play button and navigation bar to reflect your company’s branding), no adverts in the videos, and we’ll give you simple links to embed videos on your website

• Video SEO – we inject JSON-LD metadata (including transcripts) into your video’s metadata. Your videos will be indexed by search engines and be found when people search for them.

• Video marketing – we’ll share the word with our network of 5000 subscribers (ETOs, ITOs, shipyard decision makers and crew) so they know about you. You can also add custom text and a link to your website at the end of video, so you can convert people. And we can track your conversion rate, so you know how successful it is! We can even include call-to-action buttons in the description to link to documents you want them to download.

→ Only 995€ for the launch! RRP 1995€