Our Refit Special Edition is OUT NOW

The Refit special edition is out now! Whatever refit works you have planned for this season, we have all the information you need to select the best tech.

Don’t miss the final say on CELLweaver from CEO Wilko Darger, following the alleged fraud of an ex-associate.

We also go in-depth with thermal imaging cameras in our Captain-requested White Paper, and a special interview with panoramic detection specialists HGH.

And, we get to grips with the adapting audio market, as new systems offer owners a new level of flexibility.

We even look at the technology behind building a fine wine cellar on a yacht…can it be done? Plus, we get expert advice on streaming live sports to your yacht and avoiding the pitfalls of an AV refit.

All this, and so much more, in this October issue of our magazine. Read it here.

Remember, if you missed anything from our previous editions, all our articles are always available online and at your disposal.

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Our Refit Special Edition is OUT NOW

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