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“‘It has to be said, I hear a lot of chatter obviously in the industry, and what you’re doing, the daily social media posts also, but especially the publication: the reaction is that they’re impressed.
– Kenneth Himschoot, Former Technical Advisor for Google Ocean

“As designers and naval architects our exposure to the latest technologies available is limited and often difficult to source. After a constructive meeting with the full Superyacht Technology News Eco-system I have learnt of a cutting edge technology that will be of interest to my clients. I now know where to go to find the latest tech developments.”
– Justin Olesinski, Managing Director for Bernard Olesinski Ltd

“I have followed Superyacht Technology News from the very beginning, great to see them tackling issues that matter to us ETOs in language we understand, the digital format is game changer. Personally I never read paper magazines.”
– ETO, 85M yacht

Subscribe for free! The number one technology magazine in the Industry

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