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If you haven’t seen our latest edition of Superyacht Technology Digital Magazine – check it out as there are some fantastic features!

Including IPTV for Superyacht on the move with industry responses from SkytechVeritais and Van Berge Henegouwen. We had the opportunity to learn all about the manufacturing processes utilised at Savage Lighting. An exclusive Talking Tech interview with Dave from Flow Marine AMCS as well as featuring a live demo! 

If you have seen the February edition and loved Superyacht Tenders and Toys top five toys, then you’ll love their video in the latest edition.

We have also covered VSAT Saturation Testing: Hardware VS Airtime and David or Goliath? Who are Skytech? In the next edition, we will feature an interview with Edoardo from Skytech for our Talking Tech column. 

The next edition of Superyacht Technology Digital Magazine is out this month, make sure you subscribe free to receive your future editions free. Simply enter your email at the end of our homepage. 


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