A new player enters the superyacht coating game

Superyachts come under a barrage of paint-damaging fire, from salt water to exhaust fumes and beyond. Maintaining its exterior requires constant cleaning and polishing too but all of these activities reduce the paint’s duration-of-life substantially.

Towards that end, Zytexx provides an alternative through specialised ceramic clear coating that prevents staining from multiple sources, including diesel, turning a superyacht’s exterior into an easily polished surface.

Another company that looks to disrupt Zytexx’s current dominance is RPS. Their products, such as the Aqueous Guard and Hydro Coa+, focus on coating for multiple types of surfaces. With years of experience in high-powered markets such as F1, RPS might just have what it takes to succeed in the superyacht industry.

A new player enters the superyacht coating game

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